Artory - a new culture app for Plymouth

Artory – a Culture App for Plymouth

Plymouth Culture is proud to be supporting Artory – a free culture app for Plymouth launching on January 30th. Users will be directed towards cultural hotspots and will be rewarded with Art Miles® and exclusive offers for leaving feedback and reviewing events. Rewards will include free drinks, discounts and VIP offers and the app is available on iOS and Android phones.

We’re really excited to see Artory (developed by Plymouth University’s i-DAT and Plymouth Arts Centre) emerge, and we’re sure that it will be a great resource for Plymouth’s residents and visitors alike. The app will help to unite a sometimes fragmented cultural scene – it will now be really easy for users to search for and view events in the city, and will also be a great vehicle for producers to have their events promoted .

Artory is helping to bring together more and more cultural organisations in Plymouth, and we hope that this will be the beginning of some exciting and fruitful collaborations between different companies.

Artory has been developed as an open-source app, allowing other cities around the world to develop their own versions. The app uses an i-DAT developed analytics engine which allows users to rate their mood and feelings about the events they’ve just viewed – a unique tool which is very useful for the cultural sector. As other cities take on and create their own versions of Artory, we’re sure this will help to promote Plymouth is a creative and innovative city.

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